ROI OF WHY: March 21-22, 2023

discover the ROI of Why

ROI of Why is something greater than a virtual conference—it’s a meeting of purpose-driven, progress-seeking minds. Building upon the groundbreaking thought leadership of the previous Do More Good conferences, ROI of Why 2023 will dive deeper into how business leaders can align their purpose and profit to improve their communities and companies.

The theme of this year’s conference is The ROI of Why—focusing on how your business’s purpose can drive not only profit, but also tangible, positive change. Through inspired expert panels, networking opportunities and interactive, uplifting talks, you’ll gain the momentum to pursue your purpose and the connections and knowledge to make your “why” happen.

discover the partner program

By becoming a Partner of the Do More Good® Movement, you can help us achieve our goal to increase the number of Do More Good® companies in the United States to 40,000 by the end of 2024. When the movement launched in May, 2019, there were fewer than 8,000.

Capitalism has a bad rep. Society and the next generational workforce have become disillusioned by cronyism, corporatism and Wall Street capitalism. The truth is—capitalism, when done right, is the answer, not the problem. Our goal is to help educate and inspire companies to commit to serving all of their stakeholders—not just their shareholders. We exist to help companies evolve on their path to purpose and become Benefit Corporations, Certified B Corporations, Conscious Capitalists, and 1% for the Planet companies.

In essence, you could say that we are here to help reclaim capitalism.

Do More Good® Movement is a fiscally sponsored project of Nonprofit Hub Foundation, EIN 47-1812040. Donations and sponsorships are tax deductible.


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