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The Power of Purpose

Businesses are being asked to explain their why. Frameworks like Benefit Corporation and B Corp are helping businesses to transform themselves and to redefine the meaning of success.

Turning the Back on a Business Doctrine

Benefit Corporations and B Corps can change the economy and the world. Inc Magazine highlights Jay Coen Gilbert’s journey from successful for-profit entrepreneur to starting a non-profit focused on championing purpose-driven business practices.

Larry Fink’s Letter to CEOs

Blackrock Capital is the world’s largest asset manager. Blackrock CEO, Larry Fink, is believes that businesses leaders must identify and incorporate purpose in their decision making. Fink discusses the inextricable link between profits and purpose.

The Call For A Capitalist Reformation

Jay Coen Gilbert, Co-Founder of the B Corp Framework, discusses the importance of a capitalist reformation and reimagining the role of business in society. Coen Gilbert contends that capitalism must evolve to be a force for good in the future economy.

Forbes Feature

Mainstreet Capital is alive and well in the Heartland. Forbes contributor, Joe Toscano highlights midwestern business practices and the inaugural Do More Good Conference.

Business Roundtable

The Business Roundtable is a nonprofit organization whose members are leaders and CEOs of major US businesses. The Business Roundtable issued a statement that businesses must take into consideration more than shareholder value. This expanded perspective places a heightened emphasis on businesses to consider employee development and consumer value.

Why Companies are becoming B-Corps

Harvard Business Review article on the emergence and growing trend of companies pursuing B Corp Certification. These purpose-driven companies are redefining the role of business. The article examines how B Corp Certification and the B Corp community enable businesses to pursue and live the values of the triple bottom line (people, planet, and profits).

An Investors Guide to B-Corps

Businesses are increasingly aligning themselves with purpose-oriented frameworks including through Benefit Corporation registration and B Corp Certification. Furthermore, Investors are looking to better understand socially responsible investing, impact investing, and ESG investing. This report begins to look at the differences between the frameworks, their importance, and the implications for the investment community.

Deloitte Millennial Survey 2019

The workforce is evolving. The next generation of employees and consumers believe that business has a responsibility to help address the social and environmental challenges facing the global community. Businesses that are able to effectively incorporate social innovation into their business model will be better positioned to attract talent.

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