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Igniting Good: The Power of the Do More Good™ Conference

In May of 2019, hundreds of curious minds, business leaders and changemakers descended on Nebraska Innovation Campus in Lincoln, Nebraska. They immersed themselves in an interactive, growth-minded environment designed to help them discover how to align their business’s purpose with profit. They shared stories of hope, social impact and leadership—all with the goal of igniting good in businesses around the world.

That was our very first Do More Good™ Conference.

Now an annual event, the conference is a launching pad for business leaders across the country to start their social impact journey and share their knowledge. The next Do More Good™ Conference is October 6-7, 2020, in Lincoln. If the idea of bringing clear purpose to your organization intrigues you, we’d love for you to join us. Here’s what you’ll have to look forward to:

An Opportunity to Be Inspired

The foundation of the Do More Good™ Conference is its speakers. We invite business leaders from diverse industries to discuss how their commitment to purpose has impacted their organization. Leaders of the B Corp movement, benefit corporations, Conscious Capitalism and 1% for the Planet also explain how their frameworks can help your business root itself in purpose and create real good.

The speakers lead off the conference by motivating action and igniting a desire to do more good. We then break into interactive activities giving you real tools to help you put social enterprise into action. This isn’t a conference that stays in just a convention center or breakout rooms—the Do More Good™ Conference is designed to radiate into the world through the actions of its attendees. So we equip you with everything you need to refocus your business into purpose and good.

Be a Part of Something Bigger Than All of Us

Doing more good in our businesses and communities is a big task, and no one should have to go it alone. That’s why a key focus of the Do More Good™ Conference is to build connections and community among like-minded people—those connections can take root at a conference and grow into a worldwide movement.

Beyond the inspiring speakers and insightful activities, the Do More Good™ Conference will help you form connections that stick with you past the conference itself. Individuals with the drive to pursue purpose will always be an email away, ready to help you create impact for your customers and community. And Do More Good™ is here to support you year round.

ROI of Why 

Our ROI of Why podcast gives you a weekly dose of purpose-driven stories and testimonials, and our resources are always available to guide your business’s path to purpose.

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The Do More Good™ Conference is just the beginning of your journey to purpose. Start there, and together we’ll create a movement of businesses doing the good our communities need.